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HTTP/1.1 200 OK Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2021 08:12:49 GMT Server: Apache/2.4.6 (CentOS) PHP/5.4.16 X-Powered-By: PHP/5.4.16 Connection: close Transfer-Encoding: chunked Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8 201c kaminari x reader angst tumblr kirishima x reader. 2k words. mha imagines mha smut mha x reader kirishima x you kirishima smut kirishima x y/n katsuki bakugo x reader bakugou x y/n bakugou smut denki kaminari kaminari x reader kaminari x you shinsou x y/n shinsou fluff bnha x reader bnha smut todoroki smut todoroki x you todoroki shoto x reader aizawa x y/n aizawa x you aizawa fluff hawks smut hawks x y . ( except if it’s about a Quirk and still … ) • NSFW, Hard Smut. Only three days have passed and every day that passed was another stab to his heart. monoma x reader. “KAMINARI!”. #dabi x reader #x reader #reader . w/c: 1083. Pairings: Bull Hybrid Kirishima x reader. Bodies of the once-alive students laid on the . he heard draken say a small ‘thank you’ before the shop door opened, he guessed draken went out of the shop to check on the motorbikes . pairing: denki kaminari x reader. Reader Has a Quirk (My Hero Academia) Summary. 7k words, angst. - Jealous 💔. Bakugou: let’s keep it that way, *Kaminari deflated into the sofa sipping his capri-sun in shame* DragonWhisperer!Kaminari x DragonPrincess!Reader. Although, even though everything was the same, someone always made it better. The knock on your balcony window is akin to a siren’s call, guiding you to open it where he greets you, propped against the wall with an air of casualness. and when that happens - he sees a baby and a momma in the street and thinks about it all . 1k special and it was a relationship package? May I pls request that for sero x kaminari x reader in a poly relationship 梁 if you’re not comfy w it then the character/s individually x reader is fine too :)) Idk why this is in anon man you already know who it is AHAHAH <333 Mirio Togata. ⚠️warnings - two (2) mentions of itch attacks, one in the beginning and one at the end (sorry, didn’t know the word for it) kaminari being . mha reactions in gif. This is incredibly self indulgent and absolutely terrible in terms of my writing because i was really going through it (still am but we’re not gonna talk about it) However I must say, as someone who has anxiety, depression, and body image issues you’re not alone. . I love you. But somehow, I had forgotten it was the weekend. See more posts like this on Tumblr. And so that’s why you were left alone in your room, scrolling through tiktok. words: 3. run a way boy. bakugou x reader (angst + fluff +angst) so um this is based of off Heather bc im in my feels. midoriya x reader. (🏷️) paring(s): bakugo x reader, todoroki x reader, kaminari x reader (⚠️) warning(s): none (🎶) background music: WAP (cardi b) (the dance here) (💌) note from Yami: im NOT okay 💀😂😂 i had a good laugh omg tysm for the request 😂🙏🏾 (sorry this took so long and its not even good ;-;) 31 st August 2017. Date Posted: 2/22/21. // katsuki x reader • angst, spooki scary, maternal mortality, TZ2K . Summary: After months of no messages, no text, you decide you don’t want to be strung along anymore. bnha mha my hero academia boku no hero academia Denki Kaminari Denki x reader Kaminari x reader x you x . Warnings: Angst, so much angst. enoy~. Lucky | Kaminari Denki x Reader wc: 800 All you wanted was a simple party. The search [Dabi x reader] Little boy [Todoroki x reader] (Fantasy AU) Characters: Bakugou Katsuki. * Another late shift, another takeout dinner; the bags of food weigh heavy on your arms. Of Embers & Ash // katsuki x reader . Pairing: League of Villains x Reader, platonic relationship Appearances by Dabi, Shigaraki, and Mr. First angst and music based piece tell me how I did Spotify haikyuu!! anime haikyuu x reader haikyuu angst daichi x reader sugawara x you asahi x you tanaka x reader nishinoya x you kageyama x reader tsukishima kei x reader yamaguchi x reader hinata x reader kageyama tobio x reader shoyo hinata x reader tsukishima angst yamaguchi tadashi daichi . 4k. A/N: When I was writing this I didn’t know where it was going with it. word count: 814. Tw- cussing, mentions of fighting . Cancer mention. “I want to marry you. angst’ with the nice cold. Headcanons: - Bright Future 💞. midoriya, todoroki, bakugou, kirishima, kaminari, sero, + shinsou ; genre - fluff. Or, Kaminari Denki falls out of love. You spent so many hours laying in bed watching them together. masterlist! last update: 02/04/19 dabi↳ torrent complete | fluff | one-shot ↳ recognition complete? | angst to fluff | possible multi-part ↳ moribund ongoing | angst | multi-part denki kaminari↳. 5k. It didn’t take long for you guys to make your own videos. Him having a crush on you gn!reader (HC) ☁️. And this gif is not mine. i’ve been on tumblr since . PAIRINGS — kaminari denki x chubby fem!reader, hitoshi shinsou x chubby fem!reader, katsuki bakugou x chubby fem!reader, todoroki shouto x chubby fem!reader. alt-despair!au. This is a fanfic trade with @mcchristinaconlinobeyme she wrote the cUTEST Aizawa x reader that y'all should go read. o’s tiny, cute sneeze for the first time. Warnings: Swearing, Reader has a terrible sense of direction. S/o on period [Headcanon] Werewolf! Bakugou SFW/NSFW [Headcanon] [NSFW] Kirishima Eijirou Devil Town. Angst - Ouchie stories! Heavy topics that hurt your heart! :0. #denki kaminari x reader More you might like. C haos had fell over around Hope’s Peak Academy, flames burned the classrooms to ashes as it spread like a forest fire. having nightmares or almost doesn’t sleep because of his quirk (idk like maybe he can hear something special or predict anything bad, doesn’t really matter) but feels safe around bakugou so he always falls asleep around him or . one//two//three// • fantasy, smut, angst. Streams Twitch Streamer! Kaminari Denki x Reader. reblog if your inbox is always open for new members of the fandom who may be a little shy or intimidated. a cute moment I imagined between bakugo & his so. This is my contribution to the trade hope you enjoy Bakugo x reader . Originally posted by velvetmotel “You’re the only one I want to get married to!” how kaminari would react to you stealing his hoodie — headcanon. pairing: atsumu x f!reader word count, genre: 1. CONSCIOUS LOVE. Baking With Bnha Boys - fluff, headcanons; First Kiss Under the Fireworks - fluff; Amajiki Tamaki. As if he hadn’t just flown across half the city to be here. genre: fluff, a splash of angst. ” x denki kaminari → [ bakugou katsuki x y/n ] [ todoroki shouto x y/n ] [ kaminari denki x y /n ] [ sero hanta x y/n ] [ shinso hitoshi x y/n ] — @givemetundies: “Hello!! Seen your stuff and I LOVE IT! I was wondering how bakugou, todoroki, kaminari, sero, and shinsou react to a reader with a thicc ass? Denki Kaminari, Shoto Todoroki, Eijiro KirishimaWhen Unus Annus Ended genre: angst, comforting type: headcanon word count: 570 words and 3213 characters author’s note: I know unus annus ended like. id pin this if i knew HOW on desktop. you should be sad. pairing: shoto todoroki x reader genre: angst warnings: implied mass death word count: 0. and when he does, he can’t picture himself staying together. #bnha x reader #bnha kaminari #bnha angst #mha x reader #bnha scenarios #bnha imagines #bnha fanfiction #mha fanfiction #mha imagines #kaminari denki x reader #my hero academy kaminari #kaminari denki angst #mha kaminari #mha angst More you might like FORBIDDEN LOVE. shigaraki x reader. “Right this way. Bakugou: let’s keep it that way, *Kaminari deflated into the sofa sipping his capri-sun in shame* p a i r i n g : prohero!kaminari x singlemother!reader g e n r e : fluff ; angst ; one night stands can be a good thing ; unknowingfather!kaminari ; you are a successful beauty ; you are a bit stubborn though ; kaminari is full of surprises ; dad material kaminari ; first words mean a lot ; husband material kaminari ; wife material reader 394 n on Aug 29 / bnha x reader. Turns out, he does. if you don’t like this, this masterlist is not for you. Knowing him his mind was still racing with whatever negative thoughts were plaguing him. Word counting: 1. 207a In my opinion, I don’t think Kaminari has much of a body preference ; in his eyes, everyone is smexy no matter what body type 👀 See more posts like this on Tumblr. Hi. #banana requests #lynlys #izuku midoria x reader #deku x reader #bnha x reader #mha x reader. Let Me Go Amajiki Tamaki x Reader 1. Spook - Goosebump stories! Thrillers, scary, and shivers! :0. “I want to see them. Holding your hands is a nice feeling, and he enjoys holding them. Prince!Tamaki x Assassin!Reader - angst with a happy ending, fantasy au; Tamaki x Painter!Reader - light angst, fluff #denki kaminari #bnha #bnha imagines #bnha x reader #my hero academia #my hero academia x reader #my hero academia imagines #denki kaminari imagine #denki kaminari headcanons #denki kaminari x reader #kaminari x reader #my hero academia imagine More you might like BNHA characters x Reader scenarios and headcanons posted on my tumblr under the same handle (@apathycares). // izuku x reader x katsuki. notes: for the reference of the sneeze, here’s dipper pines, he has a v cute sneeze sksksks and this is kinda short since i just did reacting to it the first time they hear it and how they would react sksks. unprotected sex ( please wear protection) oral sex ( male receiving ), male masturbation, mentions of rut, breeding kink, cumplay, dry humping and overstimulation. Denki just happened to. Part 1 Here. izuku midoriya x reader AngstDisclaimer: this is angst. Meeting their parents gn!reader (HC) ☁️. Rubbing his thumb over your knuckles relaxes you as you lean in to rest your head on his chest. Kaminari wouldn’t leave their side for a minute. kaminari denki denki kaminari denki denki kaminari x reader denki x reader denkichu mha kirishima kirishima eijirou bnha eijiro kirishima kirishima kiribaku kiribaku . tears building in your eyes. Blue Carnation: Angst. Summary- the reader has a very unique singing quirk that Bakugo is salty about but then he’s like - Not Alone Shinsou x fem!reader x Kaminari. You were bored. Running Fanfics: 21 Roses - Fem!Reader x Various - Pro-hero reader, Lady Luck, just becomes the bachelorette on a new dating television show! 21 suitors are lined up, but will she get lucky with one of them? (Reader . =+ pairings: tamaki amajiki x reader, tomura shigaraki x reader, shouta aizawa x reader, hawks x reader, dabi x reader, hitoshi shinsou x reader, miruko x reader, tsuyu asui x reader, mina ashido x reader, himiko toga x reader, denki kaminari x reader, neito monoma x reader, katsuki bakugou x reader =+ genre: sfw, fluff =+ warnings: none The Dollhouse. Originally posted by miriio. ⇝ genre: smut, fluff. ” Kaminari kisses the top of your head and hugs you . In which you come home after a long night at work, and find your boyfriend preoccupied. one//two//three//four • angst, smut, series. Talk of mating, of pups, and of the future they want to build with you are all slowly coming to fruition, and you're more than ready for all of it. cw ;; fem!reader, pregnancy talk, daddy bkg, suggestive ish pls… i just think bakugou goes his whole life thinking he won’t have kids. Bnha x Reader One Shots. warnings: language, angst, implied s-sex🥺👉👈😳 . #repost! #deku x reader #midoriya x reader #bakugo x reader #kirishima x reader #denki x reader #kaminari x reader #shoto x reader #todoroki x reader #mirio x reader #tamaki x reader #amajiki x reader #dabi x reader #shigaraki x reader #mha x reader #bnha x reader … See all See more posts like this on Tumblr. Will not write - • Incest, Rape, Pedophilia, Drugs. ok ok so my request it’s the most obvious thing but i have a full crush on bakugou, so can you please write about him x male reader, where the reader is like. PAIRING — kaminari denki x gn!reader. Sing me to sleep. anonymous said: i just read your gojo angst post and ?&:!2&!4@,!/&/ the cliffhanger???!??)$? what happens 😭😭😭😭😭 it was so well written too like this is the most ive been invested in an angst fic. ”. I also don’t ship Uraraka and Bakugou, but in this they are together. “I love you Midoiya Izuku. yes content creators make stuff mostly for them, but if we post them it’s so people can see and enjoy it. Summary : In which you were studying with Izuku but you find his notes about you. GENRE — fluff, crack. See, Denki would always flirt with everyone, well, everyone but me. warnings: swearing. Thank you for the request, perfect pairing of character and prompt if I do say so myself “I’m not going to stop poking you until you pay attention to me. A/N: This is the song I was listening to while I was writing and while I was inspired!! I recommend listening to it while . GENRE — suggestive, fluff. now playing : lemon boy ~ cavetown. . — bird tendencies w/ keigo takami ⇝ pairing(s): keigo takami x gn!reader ⇝ rating: mature, 18+. Words: 2. Kaminari is soothing surprisingly. ADHD! Kaminari Denki and His Autistic! S/O Bonding Over Mutual Behaviors Request: “may i request an autistic!reader and adhd!denki bonding over mutual behaviors?? idk, i think itd b rlly cute. i’ve been on tumblr since 2012 and became a content creator in 2014/5, so i’ve been here for years and I can confirm that: people barely reblog posts now and it’s becoming an issue. His voice is firm, clear, confident. “Sir, these got swapped . Suddenly dreams her father’s retirement returned. Aaaah thank you! This request was very fun, and I do love me some iida~ I feel bad for antagonizing kaminari once again in my fics tho —————— Iida x reader - Don’t Itch Your Neck. ” “Don’t apologize. Kaminari: I have an idea– *sips capri-sun* Bakugou: this can’t be fucking good. Insomnia Todoroki Shoto x Reader. TW: Major character death, delusions, blood, gore, self blame, mentions of character death, probably mild language, mentions of suicide, implied suicide. themes: angst, eventual fluff, mentions of insecurities, tiny anime spoilers if you squint, it wasn’t proof read lol. bnha imagines. Honestly, I liked where this was going at first and now I don’t know. Kirishima: is this going to cost us money or brain cells…because I’m running low on both. That person was Denki Kaminari, my crush. Kaminari Denki x Reader Warnings: Cursing, "Oblivious" Reader, slightly sad Denki Date Posted: 2/8/21 A/N: I got inspiration from something and I couldn't get it out of my head. How they talk about you gn!reader (HC) ☁️. Warnings: angst, fluff. Study date. shindou x reader. Shoto Todoroki x Fem!reader. 4k "this is the end isn't it?" you humorlessly laugh, as you hold your limp hand. kaminari denki. Plot: AU where Shoto kills Touya on accident, he and Endeavor run away, they end up on a ghost town and meet the reader, this will be a series and I can promise you I have a very good mystery for the town, also this was totally inspired by devil town by cavetown, it wil have many references to the song so… if you are a fan I think you will like this <3 Not Alone Shinsou x fem!reader x Kaminari. So, you ran your fingers through his hair and left butterfly kisses on the back of his neck until you heard his soft snores. pairings: class 1a x reader (bakugou x reader, midoriya x reader, todoroki x reader, kirishima x reader, kaminari x reader, aizawa x reader). Genre: HEAVY Angst. Togata Mirio. A/n: When a coward accidently finds out he can control dragons, and steals the heart of a total babe. And of course Denki’s content was nothing but pranks he pulled on you. First time cuddling with you Gn!reader (HC) ☁️. Anything that’s got a too big age gap in it is a no-no. She hoped this boy that was trained by her own uncle would be able to take his place soon after he graduated and her father wouldn’t suffer the fate her uncle foresaw. Another rut in the night . warnings: bakugo being bakugo skskks. He might’ve been struck dumb when he overused his quirk, but you were quite positive he was verging on dumber when he was just being himself. You had the biggest crush on your classmate Bakugou Katsuki, he was perfect in your eyes, his hair, his eyes, his personality, and that possessiveness he carries around. 209f #denki kaminari #bnha #bnha x reader #bnha imagine #mha #mha x reader #x reader #denki kaminari x reader #denki kaminari x y/n #denki kaminari imagines #denki kaminari oneshot #bnha x y/n #bnha oneshot #mha x y/n #mha imagine More you might like Kaminari: I have an idea– *sips capri-sun* Bakugou: this can’t be fucking good. // izuku x reader • smut (Coming soon) denki kaminari A second year at UA who could replace her father. Fluff, angst, NSFW, pregnancy hcs, drowning All Might and more! Series Kaminari: You were both addicted to tiktok. Expand. warnings: none summary: who holds on to a silly, childhood promise? apparently, atsumu does but he realizes there's more than one way to keep his end of the promise. As you reach your flat, you shut the door be Kirishima and Kaminari’s faces darken with guilt and sadness. I was not expecting anyone to be awake when I got back to the 1-A class dorms. I also meant for this to be shorter, but my fingers said no. “I’m sorry. He knew it, his friends knew it, his other classmates knew it, but you certainly didn’t catch on to it. #my hero academia x reader #my hero academia #mha x reader #yandere my hero academia #mha fanfiction #yandere mha #mha angst #mha scenarios #yandere midoriya #yandere bakugou #yandere todoroki #yandere kirishima #yandere kaminari #yandere tokoyami #yandere amajiki More you might like Todoroki Shouto x Reader. shishikura x reader. Kaminari: I didn’t even say what my idea was. p a i r i n g : prohero!kaminari x singlemother!reader g e n r e : fluff ; angst ; one night stands can be a good thing ; unknowingfather!kaminari ; you are a successful beauty ; you are a bit stubborn though ; kaminari is full of surprises ; dad material kaminari ; first words mean a lot ; husband material kaminari ; wife material reader “good afternoon ken!” inui’s head perks up from his crouched position on the floor, his hand pausing from tinkering with a motor at the sound of your voice. Hawks convinces you that one more night spent with him won’t hurt. Kaminari wasn’t around to help you beat your boredom because he went to the gym with Bakugou and Kirishima. mha my hero academia kaminari x . he can hear draken direct you to where inui was positioned and the rustling of plastic. DragonWhisperer!Kaminari x DragonPrincess!Reader - light angst, fluff, fantasy au; Class 3-A. Not Alone Shinsou x fem!reader x Kaminari. warnings: angst, suicide, crying, panic attacks, mention of vomiting, i changed it for aizawa so your just his partner, not a student Kaminari x reader. eleanor writes! mha x reader bnha x reader mha hurt/comfort deku x reader izuku x reader deku headcanons deku hcs mha hcs kirishima x reader kirishima x gn!reader kirishima hcs kirishima headcanons kaminari x reader kaminari angst kaminari headcanons kirishima angst deku angst denki x reader shinsou x reader shinsou hcs shinso x reader shinso . “Bakugou-”. T T Info. Denki Kaminari was in love. Imagines: - Attention 💞. But he found his own his own successor. A Shoulder to cry on [Angst/comfort] Promise [Dead!Bakugou x reader x Kirishima] Body swap soulmate AU [Scenario] Aftercare . Category: Angst (Suggested) Age: 14+ Trigger Warnings: mentions of syringes, mentions of poisoning, mentions of drugs, hallucinations Ship: Bucky x Steve x Reader Summary: Reader is poisoned on a mission leaving her with horrendous side effects that Bucky and Steve don’t know how to handle Anonymous said: How about some angst ending in fluff for izuku x reader where he thinks that she's dead, but it was some enemy's illusion of her and not the real her, if that makes sense?. warning: angst. In which you and Kaminari Denki grow too comfortable in your routines, and weary eyes begin to wander. But you know where you did a 1. ⇝ warning(s): please read !this request has been split into sfw and nsfw so please read with caution. Compress @dastfast678 requested: “Could you make a another LOV X child!reader, one where the hero’s try to “recused” Y/N but they just tells them off?” Genre: Slight angst Word Count: 1,442 Tags: @yuki-osaki @liviitehe @iamsoftsodonttoucheume-blog a/n: Thanks for the request! I’m . The man, the myth, the legend. MASTERLIST. You just wanted to invite your friends over for some fun, play a few games, and eat a lot of food. bakugo katsuki x gn reader. a/n: Yesterday I did angst and today I need fluff to repair me. he can’t help but be completely enraptured with the idea of you, emerald colored hues widening with awe each time he sets his sights upon your form. doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a “popular blog”; everyone here is equal and if you’re reading this as a new person/someone considering entering the fandom, we will not turn you away!!!! talk to us!! make friends!! i more than understand being shy but trust me . The doctor leads them to the room but not before the doctor is stopped. for the longest izuku had struggled with the enigma that are feelings, weird sensations fluttering in his stomach whenever you were so much as . Bakugou: let’s keep it that way, *Kaminari deflated into the sofa sipping his capri-sun in shame* See more posts like this on Tumblr. • Anything that makes me uncomfy’ ! 51wheezes:. bnha mha denki denki kaminari bnha shinso hitoshi mha shinsou hitoshi shinsou mha kaminari bnha kaminari shinkami koda koji koda. It was all pretty boring. Angel 02. - Please Don’t Leave Me 💔. He had the sort of crackhead energy that was purely his- no drugs involved. Fluff, angst, NSFW, pregnancy hcs, drowning All Might and more! Series disclaimer 2: if not all, most of the fics listed below are character-x-reader or ship-x-reader. • Fluff’, Angst, all that ish’ ! ACTION DRIVEN SCENARIOS ARE MOST WELCOME. izuku midoriya. disclaimer 3: please let me know if any of the links aren’t working, even tho this mlist is mostly for myself. Which was kind of odd, and . Honestly, I liked where this was going at first and now I don't know. Other Characters: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, Avengers. A Promise || Denki x Traitor!Reader. a/n: This was based off a drabble a while back that I decided to expand into a fic! I hope you guys enjoy it! Masterlist I Ko-Fi. No one had thought that the prestigious school would have started the despair that everyone was feeling during this catastrophe. *Depictions of violence and attempted murder (Bakugou Fantasy AU) Word Count: 5. midoriya, todoroki, bakugou, kirishima, kaminari, sero, + shinsou x reader; genre - slight angst; warnings - suggestive themes for sero. masterlist bnha mha my hero academia my hero academia imagines my hero academia x reader my hero academia headcanons boku no hero academia boku no hero academia headcanons boku no hero academia . Twitter AU. and this happens when you hit “ r e b l o g ” Gn!reader ☁️. Content Warning: Negative headspace, omegaverse, self deprecation, depressive thoughts, pushy parental figures, ambiguous omegaverse reproduction, unhealthy relationships, relationship that could be easily fixed if idiots would use their words and communicate, Shinso/Denki side relationship, Bakugou is a dumbass but so is y/n BNHA characters x Reader scenarios and headcanons posted on my tumblr under the same handle (@apathycares). Your stomach gurgled, butterflies beginning to . - Nightmares 💔💞. sero x reader. Make sure to credit me if putting this somewhere. Kaminari Denki x Reader. momo. You’re Dumb (Kaminari x Reader) Warnings: None. Bakugou looks at the doctor. They just lost one of their friends, and Bakugou’s just lost the love of his life. #my hero academia x reader #mha #mha x reader #mha fanfiction #bakugo x reader #todoroki x reader #kirishima x reader #dabi x reader #my hero academia masterlist #mha angst #yandere mha #mha scenarios #mha smut #midoriya x reader #kaminari x reader More you might like Sorry Kaminari Denki x Reader <angst> Angel 01. Pairing: Bucky x Reader. genre: angst. And please do give feedback on how I did. pairing: Denki Kaminari x GN!Reader. DragonWhisperer!Kaminari x DragonPrincess!Reader A/n: When a coward accidently finds out he can control dragons, and steals the heart of a total babe. bc0 Includes: fluff, angst, hurt w/o comfort, implied cheating, mentions of alcohol. • Welcome to My Hero Academia Reaction in gifs! • The Request Is Always open!! • All you need just ask any dumb question or else so then your request would be ready for what thier reactions! • goodluck! Pinned Post bakugou x reader bnha x reader deku x reader kaminari x reader kirishima x reader mha x reader sero x . not bc he wont want them but he’s a brash, callous man and he can’t picture himself falling in love. Bakugou: let’s keep it that way, *Kaminari deflated into the sofa sipping his capri-sun in shame* S/o sitting on his lap 2 “Pairs: Denki Kaminari x reader, Eijirou Kirishima x reader, Hitoshi Shinsou x reader” “Notes: I have so much things to do now ksksk I will try to make fanfics instead since. hawks x reader. 394 n on Aug 29 / bnha x reader. What was supposed to be the best day of his life - the day Y/N would say yes - turned to his worst nightmare. Half a year with Shota and Hizashi, and it's been the happiest six months of your life. bakugou x reader. #kirishima x you #kirishima x y/n #kirishima angst #kirishima eijirou #bakusquad #fanfic #mha imagines #mha headcanons #explorepage #bakugou being supportive #bakugou x y/n #bakushima #best friend #kirishima headcanon #kirishima x reader #Kirishima #bnha eijiro kirishima #angst prompt #angst #anime fanfic #long reads #fic writing #my hero . Hawks x Reader. Today was just an average day and UA highschool. Summary: Bucky never thought he would need to prepare himself for your death one day. denki kaminari kaminari fluff kaminari x y/n kaminari x reader bnha au bnha fluff sero hanta bnha x reader mha x reader mha au hogwarts au bnha x y/n bnha x you aizawa shouta mha x you mha x y/n denki x reader kaminari x you mha fluff harry potter au bnha hogwarts au sero hanta x reader katsuki bakugo mina ashido mina x reader boku no hero boku . Denki Kaminari. 5k “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! ADHD! Kaminari Denki and His Autistic! S/O Bonding Over Mutual Behaviors Request: “may i request an autistic!reader and adhd!denki bonding over mutual behaviors?? idk, i think itd b rlly cute. bnha fluff bnha x reader bnha mha mha x reader izuki midoriya izuku x reader izuku midoriya x reader katsuki bakugou katsuki bakugou x reader bakugou x reader deku x reader eijirou kirishima eijirou x y/n kaminari denki denki kaminari x reader hitoshi shinsou hitoshi shinsou x reader shouta aizawa shouta aizawa x reader keigo takami keigo . I meant for this to be angst or something because I was feeling angsty and then I ended up with this. After the latest prank where he fake broke up with you with song lyrics you had enough. His touch is gentle even though it wanders. Same training, same work. a makoto naegi x gn!reader angst. kaminari x reader. Him on valentines day gn!reader (HC) (valentines . todoroki x reader. HC: Kirishima, Bakugo, and Kaminari reacting to their s. kaminari x reader angst tumblr 0

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