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HTTP/1.1 200 OK Date: Fri, 03 Sep 2021 00:33:56 GMT Server: Apache/2.4.6 (CentOS) PHP/5.4.16 X-Powered-By: PHP/5.4.16 Connection: close Transfer-Encoding: chunked Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8 2037 hiveon pool fee Live hashrate distribution, pool fees & minimum payment comparison. The payouts occur automatically every 2 hours. There are no Ethereum transaction fees for payouts, as the pool fee is used to pay for it. Hiveon . Choose a server config for your miner. Most pools charge a 1% fee and some charge more some less. See 6 traveler reviews, 41 candid photos, and great deals for Coventina Lake Suites, ranked #50 of 145 hotels in Dhaka Division and rated 4 of 5 at Tripadvisor. 2 ETH, and you can set it even lower in your settings if you like. The pool uses a PPLNS system and has a minimum payout of 0. 1 ETH and 1 ETC payout thresholds. Fees: 3. 00 Gh/s Network Difficulty. 00 Gh/s Network Hashrate. Many users have praised this pool for its interface and quick responses from the support team. 24/7 Customer Service. Currently mining on Hiveon pool with trex miner, 11 3070 gpu at 680 m/h, not sure if I’m getting as much as they say I should was thinking of switching to sparkpool, what do I have to do to switch, how does the pool fee get paid? HiveOS is free only if you mine in their Hiveon pool, but in this case, the pool charges a 3% fee if miner wants to pay on pool. One of the distinguishing features of this pool is the absence of pool fees and transaction fees. Bitcoin (BTC) : 1LvhYUKQmXcEixPBv4fHAbuaJZ9R84Lw9Q Ethereum (ETH) : 0x02bca83dbbbc0676b9777c6b2c9d86a61cf224d0 Litecoin (LTC . Currently mining on Hiveon pool with trex miner, 11 3070 gpu at 680 m/h, not sure if I’m getting as much as they say I should was thinking of switching to sparkpool, what do I have to do to switch, how does the pool fee get paid? 5. hiveon. 9. Ethash Algorithm. Nanopool Nanopool is the third largest Ethereum mining pool with ~14. 2020 (inclusively until midnight). 0 CKB 1 BEAM: 0. HIVEON is Pay-per-Share pool for mining ETH. Hiveon Pool Templates for Hive 2. Hiveon have a 0% pool fee. 67TH/s Hiveon mining Pool 🎁 0% Pool and Transaction Fee 💰 Mining Reward Type: PPS+ 🌎 Stay secure with our worldwide servers 2Miners charges a 1. It also doesn't charge a fee for up to 4 workers if they are all mining on HiveOn [the pool]. Over 1,200,000 hotels in more than 200 regions. Data provided by the HIVEON API. The default minimum payout threshold using Nanopool is 0. 00 Unit price, 1 . 0 ETC: No payment threshold (Directly connected to your . Moreover, if you have a lot of rigs, you can get a discount for the dev fee. Spiderpool is the new mining pool for Ethereum crypto coins. last 28d x 100 MH/s. Hiveon Pool: If you are operating your mining rig using Hive OS then try Hive On mining pool. To meet the needs of users from different parts of the world, we allocated the servers of Hiveon pool in: 🔹 Europe 🔹 Russia 🔹 North America (CA, US East) 🔹 North America (US West) 🔹 Asia. As far as I understand, HiveOn [the pool] does not charge a fee for now If you are using HiveOs for the first time, please view the Hive OS tutorial. 0% fee, no transaction fees for users (they are covered by the pool), and servers all over the world. Pool payout model - PPS + Pool commission - 0%; Transaction fees covered by the pool; Minimum payout threshold - 0. 6 million at the . 00 Gh/s Pool Hashrate. $2037. hiveon. 06 traded over the last 24 hours • Hiveon Pool is the most profitable and efficient ETH and ETC mining pool, with guaranteed high-profit payouts (PPS+ distribution mode). Hiveon with Hive OS is a tough combo to beat. Supported Hardware. 5 % #5 . It is currently trading on 6 active market (s) with $276,941. Choose the location closest to you. No more hustle with choosing a reliable ETH and ETC ; ing on Hiveon Pool for Hive OS users is really easy. 2 ETH, but you’re able to lower and raise the minimum in your settings. We accept only crypto. This means that payment is made for each decision (share) sent, regardless of how long you have joined the pool. Ethash algorithm. RaveOS vs HiveOS. Pool fee % Currency Hiveon have a minimum payout at 0. Hiveon. Also, it offers zero commission and transaction fees. $0 + 3 % devfee. Zilliqa (ZIL) Dual Mining. List of known Ethereum pools (ETH) Ethash PoW algorithm. If you want your pool to be listed here then create yourpool. Invalid. Windows user are also could easily use Hiveon Pool ; us the pool fee) income. All the transactions are covered. Mining pool fees. Choosing a mining pool The pplns vs pps pool is responsible pplns vs pps its own profits and losses. That being said their pool costs you a lot more than 3% but a lot of people focus on saving the 1% fee and miss that. What is Hiveon. There’s a reason a lot of hive os users are on other pools. 2Miners – 2Miners is another popular Ethereum mining pool that uses 1% PPLNS and has a min pay of 0. InterContinental Dhaka: Beautiful property and some wonderful staff - See 112 traveler reviews, 270 candid photos, and great deals for InterContinental Dhaka at Tripadvisor. 47 (-6. Transaction Fee. Just create a Wallet, Create a Flight Sheet with Hiveon Pool and apply it to worker. 2104. 1 ETH with a 1% fee. You also need to make sure the fees are offset by the potential returns. Spiderpool has a mobile app that gives an opportunity to follow the monitor performance. * More details about bonuses and discounts you can read below. From 20. Instant payouts. 38. Mining Pools Profits. 2Miners pool users don’t have to pay anything at all, even if they have a thousand rigs. Hiveon Pool . Ability to Pay for Hive OS on Hiveon Pool Paid users have an opportunity to pay for Hive OS at the cost of a 3% fee for mining Ethereum on Hiveon pool. Pay for Hive OS on Hiveon Pool. Hiveon Pool. This is a list of pools that are available in Hive for creating Flight Sheet. The Most Profitable Mining Pool. 06. 458 TH/s Network Hashrate. Mining Pools & Block Explorer Hiveon Pool . 639 GH/s Pool Hashrate. 0 Paid to miners. The pool fee depends on the chosen payout model — from 1% to 4%. You can customize the minimum payout threshold and even mine anonymously. 0 % #4. PS; love hive os. Mining Port: 4444. net. last 21d x 100 MH/s. 7%. The disadvantage of joining a mining pool is you have to pay fees. If . Pool payment model - PPLNS . So, you can choose between two options: to pay for Hive OS on Hiveon Pool (3% dev fee). Choose a server config for your . , it is not possible with GPU) Pool fee: 1%: 0%: 0. Different fees are applied based on the amount of cryptocurrency mined in the last 30 days*. HiveOn is one of the larger mining pools that supports mining of Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. They offer servers in North America, Europe, Asia, and Russia to ensure your ASICs remain close to their servers and operate at a high efficiency. The current Hashrate of the pool is of 2377109 MH/s. Pool servers are located in Europe, Asia, and the USA. ing pool. Currently mining on Hiveon pool with trex miner, 11 3070 gpu at 680 m/h, not sure if I’m getting as much as they say I should was thinking of switching to sparkpool, what do I have to do to switch, how does the pool fee get paid? 0% Hiveon pool fee, as always Don’t worry about the transaction fee — we cover it! Both free and paid Hive OS users who switch to ETC pool can use Hive OS for free until 19. 55 ETH (then worth $133) with a transaction fee worth $2. 01 ETH, which is ideal for small miners. Hiveos pool Hiveon Pool - Most profitable and efficient mining poo . Hiveon ASIC. 🌐 Hiveon pool templates already updated. Mining Servers: eu-eth. This firmware offers a 0% pool fee and 0% transaction fee when connecting your miner to their Hiveon pool. Now $64 (Was $̶7̶4̶) on Tripadvisor: Coventina Lake Suites, Dhaka Division. Hiveon Pool is a cryptocurrency mining pool developed by the owners of Hive OS management and monitoring system. On Wednesday, Spark Pool processed a transaction from a single address with a hefty ETH balance, who sent a minuscule 0. The payout scheme on HiveOn pool is PPS+ with 0. Hiveon Pool uses a Pay Per Share Plus (PPS+) payout method, which is the combination of the traditional Pay Per Share(PPS) and Pay Per Last N Share (PPLNS) method. 1711 The default minimum payout at Nanopool is just 0. 50%: Payment method: PPS + PPS + PPS + Minimum withdrawal amount: 0. net; aspac1-eth. Find the best hotel at the best rate. 2020, the conditions will be the same as for mining Ethereum on Hiveon pool: HiveOS [the operating system] doesn't charge a fee for 1 worker no matter what pool it's mining on. The pool fee is 1%. Server: usw-eth. Spark Pool: Hiveon Pool: Binance pool: Supported virtual currencies: ETH, CKB, BEAM: ETH, ETC: ETH (Although it is also in BTC etc. Payments processed by. last 14d x 100 MH/s. #Ethereum Pool Hashrate ~37. 07%) ETH Price. Antminer S17 . Because the mining pool bears certain risks, mining pool fee is relatively higher in the PPS mode. Mining Reward Type: PPS+; Fees: 1. The pool fee is also less than most competitors at 1%. 89 P Network Difficulty. This Ethereum mining pool has a global network of powerful servers. 2% fee may be too much for some people announced in 2010, slushpool was the very first bitcoin mining pool and undoubtedly led the way for many other mining pools to come. Hiveon Pool is a pool from Hive OS with the PPS+ payout model. json and push it, we will review it and add. Stales. If he's doing it on Hive, the. Manual withdrawals are subject to a commission (the amount depends on the coin), the commission for automatic payments is 0%. 0 You’ll find the pool fee is the same as at Ethmine, just 1% and that the pool pays all rewards. HiveOn doesn't charge any fees and pays transaction fees. On the Hiveon pool, you can mine both Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. 1 ETH 100. net Pools list. MEV: Not announced. 0. $ 1. 0 % Pool Fee. Pool Fees 1% Lowest pool fee. 1 ETH and they pay the transaction fees for the transfer to the miner’s wallet. 6. Servers List. For instance, in case the number of your rigs is over 50 (but smaller than 100), the dev fee will be 2. The pool has one disadvantage, it uses only Mandarin language. 0 Online Miners. Asides that, Hiveon Pool adopts the PPS+ sharing model, which means that miners are eligible for regular payments, even if the mining pool does not find a new block. However, you can use Google Translate to start mining at ease. 60 TH/s #EthereumClassic Pool Hashrate ~2. . net Port: 4444 or 14444 SSL: 24443. As you can see, Hive OS has a lot of useful features, and its team adds the new ones on a regular basis. 21,203 likes · 98 talking about this. HiveOS is free only if you mine in their Hiveon pool, but in this case, the pool charges a 3% fee if miner wants to pay on pool. More about billing changes https://medium. get more. Profit is calculated pplns vs pps to the amount of shares submitted link the miners in the . net, naw-eth. 10 Miners Online. Spiderpool. Focus more on the best pool since some pools are very inefficient and cost you more than 1%. 1 ETH; Server locations: Europe, North America, Asia, and Russia; 24/7 support; If you are a paid Hive OS user, you can pay for it due to mining commission on Hiveon (commission is 3%) Nanopool. 12,815,104 Blockchain Height. 5 fee for solo mining but the fee for PPLNS is 1. 0% Pool Fee. 9799 TH/s HIVEON ETH pool hashrate. They do once daily payouts. com/hiveon/hiveon-pool-important-updates-cd4f1be00f0aManage and overclock your GPU rigs, change wallets, coins, fli. 1 ETH 1. To set up mining at HiveOn on your minerstat dashboard follow the next steps. Fee. №1 OS for mining efficient monitoring of your ASIC and GPU mining farms ⛏ Hiveon ETH, ETC mining pool with 0% Pool Fee ⛏ Hiveon ASIC firmware ⛏. Region . 514. With Hiveon ASIC Firmware. NanoPool The MSKminer was developed by the Hive OS team based in Russia. If you found mistake or the configuration changed please make push request. Unlike PPS, which only awards block rewards and does not cut tax fees, PPS+ distributes all bonuses to miners and splits all rewards above the block. Hive pool has an option for 0 fee too but you pay $3:month for the rig which is the os fee. 0. HiveOS [the operating system] doesn't charge a fee for 1 worker no matter what pool it's mining on. The pool supports the mining of just two crypto currencies using the Ethash algorithm; Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Mev fee. 1 WORKER COST. It’s the best in terms of profit. The fee charged is a standard of 1%. - free users who have 2-4 rigs can still use Hive OS for free in case they mine ETH or ETC on Hiveon pool. 21 $. Like CoinFly, Hiveon Pool provides a network designed for ETH miners. 05 ETH. Share refers to the task answer submitted by the miners to the mining pool. Today I am talking about why I stopped using nice hash and switched to the hiveon pool!! With mining at an all time high for profits more people are looking . The minimum payout is set at 0. net; ru-eth. Pool Name. 4% of the network hash rate and over 80,000 miners. When you’re choosing a mining pool, it’s important to join one with low fees because the lower the fee, the higher your profit. Both HiveOn and HiveOS are developed and owned by the same Russian guys, so naturally they want to encourage miners to mine on their pool. How To Start. You can have any number of rigs in 2Miners pools and use RaveOS for free. The pool pays the transaction fees. The servers of the pool are located around the world: in North America, Europe, Asia and Russia. net's payout type? The pool has a PPS+ payout model. The pool enables its users to profit more when mining Ethereum as it charges a 0% fee for its pool costs and pays transaction fees to its users. . 53. 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